Wednesday, April 06, 2011


Today my recommendation runs out. I have a call in to my regular doctor. I told his assistant yesterday that my recommendation for medical marijuana expires today and I need to know if he will write me a new one.

She put me on hold.

When she came back, she had me explain the situation again. My recommendation for medical marijuana runs out tomorrow. If I don’t get a new one, I won’t be legal.

Your recommendation for what?

"Medical Marijuana. I already talked to The Doctor about it. He knows I’m using it for pain and he approves. I just realized my recommendation runs out tomorrow and I’m asking The Doctor if he will write me a new one.”

For some reason, she suddenly started calling me “Dear.” Let me check, Dear.

I reiterated, “He knows what I’m talking about. We’ve had the conversation. I just need to know whether I have to find a different doctor to renew my recommendation.” After a moment she said, “Call back tomorrow afternoon. You’ll have your answer. If it's yes, you can come in and pick it up.”

Maybe it was wishful thinking, but I could swear she was just a little bit nicer to me than before. I like to think he will put on a big white hat, step up, and be a hero in this drama.

The next act is called Ask Your Doctor if Medical Marijuana is right for you.

This has to be our next line of defense. We need more mainstream doctors. We need more professionals. We need more straight people behind us. It’s not enough to be a legal patient, following guidelines passed into law fifteen years ago. Fifteen years! It’s clear from some of the current cases about to go to trial that they don’t want to hear from any more sick people.

Don’t be rolling your wheelchairs into my courtroom, because I don’t want to hear about your symptoms or your miracle cures. I don’t want to see your broken bodies and crooked smiles. I want you out of my sight while I sit here and destroy the lives of the people who grow your medicine out of God's Green Earth. I want those growers... those cultivators... those farmers... I want them where they belong - in prison with the murderers and pedophiles. I want the taxpayers to foot the bill for wrecking their lives and businesses. Thanks, but no thanks to the tax dollars their businesses and employees would be feeding into our financial recovery.

No, it's not enough for a room full of patients willing to put their freedom on the line to stand up for Medical Marijuana. We need doctors and lawyers and cops. People judges relate to and respect. Patients and caregivers need not apply.

Last time I saw my doctor, as he put the cuff around my arm, I predicted my blood pressure would be normal. “Better than normal,” he smiled at me after looking at the gauge. “Perfect."

I don't believe I'd be making that same prediction right this minute, because my blood is boiling. If anything, I feel like I'm about to be sick.