Tuesday, August 09, 2005


On Memorial Day, Carl Frank informed me that the Downing Street memo was a non-starter, old news, would come to nothing. Several weeks ago he told me the Karl Rove thing would blow over in a matter of days, reiterating in a comment to my MASKED MAN piece, that he'd give it a couple more days. That was Thursday, July 21.

Today, the lovely Jennifer Anniston is smiling up at me from the new VANITY FAIR, dated September 2005. Right at the tippy top of the page: ROVEGATE.

Buried among the junkie-looking models and thousand-dollar pots of wrinkle cream is the Table of Contents, which contains this teaser:


Enough with the sanctimonious twaddle about protecting sources, writes Michael Wolff: Karl Rove's leak to Time was the tip of a nasty iceberg, and the media helped suppress the biggest story of Bush's presidency."

So much for blowing over in a couple of days. I haven't read the article yet. I plan to spend my morning absorbing every word. Which reminds me... I haven't read Carl's response to my MASKED MAN post yet, either. It's not that I haven't tried. It's just that every time I click on his response, the cacophony of linkage makes me catatonic. Not that it makes any difference, he obviously doesn't read what I write before he responds to it...

Alrighty then. I'm off to make myself a big, strong, hairy cup o' joe and curl up with a good magazine article. I'll be back with a crisp memo to the file.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005
Update to the file:

My crisp memo seems to have wilted. Hurricanes Katrina and Rita have literally blown Rovegate off the front page. At least for the moment. However, there is still the matter of a rather lengthy, rather expensive, on-going investigation. Eventually the findings will have to be announced, and when they are, it will be in the wake of those very same hurricanes. Just today I heard somebody - Cafferty on CNN, I think - connect Rove, Iraq and KatrinaRita as a continuum of bad news for Bush.

Indeed. Maybe the connecting piece will be about Rove planting the yellowcake story. Maybe that's why he had Joseph Wilson in his crosshairs. That would certainly explain a few things.

My guess is that a crime will be found to have been committed and that said crime will have jeopardized national security. Just a guess, of course. Time will tell.

Thursday, September 29, 2005
Further update to the file:

It seems I was wrong. Carl Frank has, in fact, been reading my posts before commenting on them. Just this morning, I happened to notice four comments attached to this very post, two of which were Carl's, two of which were spam. I erased the first spam, mainly because it took up too much space. For the record, I won't delete anyone's comments, ever, for any reason. But when someone posts an infomercial without so much as blowing me a kiss, they're out of here.

Now to go check out what Carl has said about me. Come along, won't you?