Friday, January 11, 2008


I just got an email from Obama. It starts out, "Hi, Cynthia..."

I haven't read it yet but I glanced at it wondering how he got my email address. I didn't sign up for his campaign.

Then I noticed a reference to John Kerry's recent endorsement and realized that Kerry must have given him his list with the endorsement.

I supported Kerry in 2004 but was hugely disappointed in his failure to fight back when attacked by the Swiftboat brigade or whateverthehell they called themselves. Then I was further disappointed that his campaign downgraded Colorado from swing state to red state and the Boulder County Democrats didn't receive the infusion of money and campaign materials a swing state would get.

Colorado turned blue from top to bottom without his help, but he lost the state. Then I found out he didn't even spend all his campaign money. He kept millions to form the little outfit that has been periodically emailing his irrelevant opinions to me ever since. Now he's given me to Obama.

Well I'm for Hillary. More so every day. Obama is a lovely man. A tremendously talented speaker. I like his talk about change. But today I caught a glimpse of George W. Bush in the Middle East, surrounded by Middle Eastern leaders. Naturally, it was a bunch of men in suits. It occured to me that if Obama were in the middle of that group, in George Bush's place, it would still be a bunch of men in suits.

The change I want is a woman in that place. I want to see Hillary Clinton in that place.

Anything else will be more of the same.